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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Google my blog

I blog recipe on my blog right?

And I thought about I can find my blog by googling some of my article title

So I tried to search for my blog by Yahoo TW search engine

The keywords were "義式奶酪 italian panna cotta"

Totally didnt see my blog on the searching result

Mostly they r WRETCH or PIXNET.

So I turned to use Google search

and typed the title " 義式奶酪 italian panna cotta " in the bar

And my blog shows as the 3rd order from the 1st page.

And then I removed one of the keyword " Italian "

My blog was as the 9th order from the 2nd page.

If I just type " Italian Panna Cotta "

Well u may never find my blog tho.

Sure those blogs from the top order are all pretty famous blogs which I visited pretty often.

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